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Plant LED grow light panel

Plant LED grow light panel

1.6mm H PCB with wire, 390 SMD leds mask of 3021, RGB

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Plant LED grow light panel

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LED grow light panel:

LED grow light panel is designes to promote plant growth yield,improve quality.
Our LED grow light panel is specially designed with wide-band spectrum rich in 400-500nm/
500-550nm/600-700nm wavelength,which are the point wavelength for optimal growth at all stage.
Our LED grow light panel generates low heat.It is environmental friendly


* Mounted 390pcs with high quality & super bright LED Chip
* To avoid the emitting degradation & to increase the thermal efficiency,
the SMD mask of 3021 slug will be adopted.
* To prevent the deformed product, the 1.6mm H PCB with wire
bond at one side with cooper covering at double sides will be adopted.
* Adopted the best Spectrum designed under utmost (RGB)
mixing ratio
* High illuminance efficiency to expedite the growing speed
and to form the best photosynthesis (PPFD)
* Unique emitting pattern for wider lighting angle.
* AC To DC operation,High Frequency Design ,
less power consumption and no flashing
* Environmental/safety/no pollution and under RoHS compliant
* Power passed: CE